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      I'm glad that SQLyog exists! This is the ONLY front end that has barely adequate user handling! I was actually able to add another database to a SQL user's control – what a breeze it was with this!

      All references will include program to copy look and feel from, if available.

      Changes and features to add:

      (1) Display of Tables and Fields in nicer looking drop-down formats similar to MySQL-Front.

      (2) Default EDIT mode for users should be the master table editor – a seperate button should pop up the global settings for a user. Hitting APPLY should not close the user editing. You should be able to select several users together to assign access changes for, especially if you have multiple entries like:



      [email protected]


      (3) A slightly better User editing GUI – a semi-graphical one like the one in MySQL-Front but where you can scroll down thru the users and see exactly which tables they affect by colored highlights, etc. A little extra in the iconified GUI department.

      Aside from these, SQLyog is looking excellent so far! Nice and small in size, fast in execution, rich in features. Good job all!

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      Thanks for your ideas 😀

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