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Feature Wish #2

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      It would be helpfull to have a Search-Function for references of procedures or functions or tables or views…

      Assume, you have some hundreds routines and some routines calls other routines. For example you want to know in which procedure a specific function (or procedure or view) will be called. Or you want to know, in which routines a particular table is referenced.

      A “search for references” would be very helpfull, showing all “objects” (functions, procedures, tables…) having a reference to a specific routine…

      At this moment I have to export all “routines” to a textfile and perform a search with a simple text editor and have to make notes and have to switch from window to window…. This is really time-consuming and has somewhat from Stone Age…

      The search result could be a simple table showing the references as links to directly open the involved routine or table into a new editor-tab…

      Thank you

    • #34298


      We have added this request in our issue tracker here: https://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/issues/detail?id=1930 We will schedule this according to priority.



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