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Feature Request: Right Click On View To Copy

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      Please add ability to right click on a view and copy to another server/database, similar to the ability for tables.

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      Sibin A S

      Hello Mitch,


      When Stored Procedures, Views, Functions and Triggers are copied to different host, MySQL also returns their definition with the database name in it. Stripping out the database name and executing them seems to be difficult and very time-consuming to code to remove the database name correctly and execute it in different context automatically. 


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      FAQ link is not working.


      The ability to copy a view already exists.  When you invoke the “Copy Database to Different Host/Database” dialog, it is possible to check/uncheck views and have them successfully copied to the target database.  All I’m asking for here is the ability to easily invoke that dialog with only the selected view checked, similar to what you can already do with a table.

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      FAQ link works for me.  Could you please try again? 

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      FAQ link working now. 


      Original request (right click to copy) still pending.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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