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Feature Request: One-click-favorite-query-execute Buttons

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      First of all, i love SQLYog (using ultimate version 12.01).


      Im using it all day long administrating about 200 different databases. One administrative task involves sending a favorite Query to one of the databases and display (and edit) the result. Of course i use the “Favorites” function to fetch a Query and then execute it on a target database.




      This is my feature request:

      If i could execute a pre defined Query in a one click manner it would save me (and other DB-admins out there) several hours of “unnecessary clicking” each week or even each day!


      For example; In the GUI (under Tools –> Preferences for instance) you could add custom buttons to the toolbar which would be dedicated to the simple task of executing a pre defined Query.



      Is this something you could discuss adding in a future release?


      Thank you in advance.




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      Great idea!  Perhaps tie it to the existing Favorites list so that they could be executed with a toolbar button and/or key combination. 

      Bonus would be the ability to have a favorite execute on all currently connected servers.

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      well  .. we can only execute a query from inside a query tab (or – when saved to a file –  from menu .. tools .. execute SQL script but in that case the results from SELECT and SHOW statements do not display).


      A displayed result set in SQLyog is a ‘child’ of the Query tab that holds the query and a result set cannot display otherwise. What we could do is to add a context menu to favorites “open in new query tab and execute” or similar. However I think wtih session restore of recent versions there is another solution.  Just have a (or more) saved session with the queries you execute routinedly.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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