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Feature request: non-modal dialog for Copy database

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      Would it be possible to change the Copy Database dialog to non-modal?

      Use case: I frequently will use the Copy Database function from production to my development system to test a bug fix, etc. Often I need to do the copy-test-fix cycle several times, which sometimes involves usage of SQLyog to check some results. If the dialog was non-modal, I could keep it around and easily repeat the same database copy, saving myself the tedium and error prone of setting it up again.

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      We will discuss this. Personally, I think this request makes sense. Basically for the reason that the COPY may take considerable amounts of time with large tables and then the user need to take a coffee-break for as long!

      I remember that the CREATE/ALTER TABLE was a modal dialog in old versions (more than ~8 years old, as far as I remember). To avoid the modality we implemented it in a TAB instead. This may be a solution here as well. I will ask developers to check if this is feasible.

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      Ilya Savinkov

      I’m voting for this feature as well!

      When I have to import some large DB I can’t use SQLyog during the import process because it blocks entire program. It would be very convenient if it was possible to minimize import modal and keep using the program.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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