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Feature Request: Link Query Editor Tab To Database

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      Request: optionally link a query editor tab to a specific database, so that when the tab is activated, the “current” database is changed to the database linked to that tab.


      Background: I switch between projects several times per hour, and I keep a tab in SQLyog for each project.  I almost always forget to change the active database when switching to a new project and tab and those my query doesn’t work, or worse, runs against the wrong database.

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      Sibin A S

      Hello Mitch,


      Setting the a query tab linked to a particular database would be infeasible because there can be query tabs that can contain queries related to various databases. It is also a possible test-case where a single SELECT statement can use various databases to fetch the data.


      Linking a tab to a particular tab is not possible as a tab can contain queries that would use several databases in other scenarios.


      You can use the “USE” statement to specify the database, therefore letting you to just execute the statements without having to explicitly specify the database for every statements.




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      I agree that not everyone would find this feature useful, so it would probably need to be optional. 

      But, in my case it would be very helpful, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

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