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Feature Request: Auto Copy Alter Table Sql To Clipboard

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      I find myself in the following pattern frequently:

      1. Use the table properties window to make some structure change to a table
      2. Switch to the History tab
      3. Find the ALTER TABLE statement that was generated for that structure change
      4. Select the SQL
      5. Copy the SQL to the clipboard
      6. Navigate to other windows for different mysql servers, paste in the SQL and execute it.

      It would be nice if steps 2 – 5 could be combined into step 1.  Perhaps a checkbox down near the “Save” button on table properties that would automatically copy the SQL to the clipboard when the save button is clicked. Or a button that becomes enabled after the Save is done to copy the SQL to the clipboard. I would not want this as a preferences options, because I can see turning it off/on frequently.

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      Sibin A S

      Hello Mitch,


      All the changes that you make to the table from ‘Alter Table’ option can be viewed in the query format even before committing/saving the changes in the ‘SQL Preview’ tab. You may either save or revert the changes made to the table also. You may refer the below image,


      SQL Preview.png


      Instead, you may also use the ‘Schema Synchronization Tool’ to sync the changes in the table structure.




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      Thank you for that information.


      I still believe that my request has merit and hope that it will be considered.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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