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Error 1049, "Unknown Database mysql_native_password" on Copy Database

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      My company just updated to the latest SQLYog Enterprise, 13.1.5 (64-bit). When using the “Copy Database to a Different Host/Database” tool, there is an immediate stop with an error pop up, producing an Error 1049 “Unknown Database ‘mysql_native_password'” after clicking the “Copy” button. The source information and the Target connection information (both the connection drop-down menu and the database drop-down menu) all work as expected, the issue occurs only at the point when SQLYog attempts to spawn connections to perform the copy.

      This appears to happen immediately, the “status” indicator never gets further than “Connecting to source server” before the error message appears.

      Performing this as two steps, dumping the database to a SQL file via the “Backup/Export->Backup Database as a SQL Dump” and then going to the target system and using “Import->Execute SQL Script” appears to work correctly.

      Source database is MySQL 5.7.15, destination database is MySQL 5.7.27. Perhaps when trying to add support for MySQL 8’s caching_sha2_password plugin, something was broken for mysql_native_password?

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      We also got this bug 🙁 !

      It seems to start after last update (currently using version 13.1.5). We are using “Copy Table(s)…” on daily basis, so I can confirm it looks like a new bug, as no updates/changes has been on the mysql server (mysql v. 5.7.26)

      We are 2 people having exactly the same issue.

      Our case:
      When creating a new tab / connection to remote host, Copy Tables works fine, but after some (random?) time, it stops and show the “Unknown database ‘mysql_native_password'” each time trying to use th “Copy table(s)…

      Fix / workaround that sometimes works:
      Open new tab with “+New connection using current setting” and do the exactly same copy table(s). It works for some time, but after some time, the error also appear on this tab/connection. Very annoying

      Please fix / confirm this bug.

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      Yes, I have the same problem with SQLyog 13.1.5. Occurs even when copying a database to another database on the same server, so it has nothing to do with different versions of MySQL.

      BUT, I found a workaround, I created an empty database named “mysql_native_password” and then the copy operation succeeded!

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      We’re having the same problem with SQLyog 13.1.5 (64 bit). Never had this problem before version 13.1.5 so it looks like a new bug.

      We (inconsistency) encounter the error when copying databases/tables from one server to another, or even from the same server to a different database.

      The workaround is to create a new connection, either by New connection using current setting or New Connection. The workaround doesn’t always work and if it does it’s temporary.

      Please confirm you’re aware of the issue and will release a fix. We love SQLyog but this is a very annoying bug!

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      Jay Levine


      I’m seeing the same error also with 13.1.6 (64-bit).

      I find that if I close the connection and reopen the connection I am able to copy tables as usual.


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      Allen Edwards

      I am also experiencing this issue. I get it 1 at least every 3rd copy. To resolve I have to close sqlyog and open it up again, which is very annoying. Using v13.1.16 64 bit.

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