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Does The Setting ' Notify Till Stable' Cancel The Effect Of Se

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    In MONYog 6.25

    Edit server–>Notification settings


    Does the setting ‘Notify till stable’ have an impact on the setting ‘Notify when stable’  or are they independent ?


    We turned both settings ON by checking the checkboxes. Then brought down the SLAVE.  We kept getting mail alerts until SLAVE was down.


    When SLAVE was re-started, we did not receive a ‘Stable’ alert as was expected.

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    1) ‘Notify till stable’ will continue sending alerts at intervals as long as the counter is in ‘critical’ condition. If you don’t select this, you will get only one mail for the same critical event, no matter for how long the critical condition lasts. 

    2) ‘Notify when stable’ will send a mail when a critical event stops being critical (the value of the counter becomes lower than what is defined as ‘critial’). If this is not selected you will not be alerted hen a critical condition becomes non-critical.

    .. so in my understanding they are independent. 



    Did you experience anything not in accordance with the explanation above? 

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    I got the point now, I think. We have fixed a bug that will go into next (6.51) release. In release notes the bugfix is described as 


    Monyog failed to send ‘stable alert’ when both “notify till stable” and “notify when stable” options were enabled and if different values were set for the “send notification when alertable” and “remind me after every ..”.



    Was that the point? 

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    MONyog 6.51 has been released now. Please refer http://blog.webyog.com/2015/12/11/monyog-mysql-monitor-6-51-released/

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    Yes , this definitely helped.  We set identical values  for both “Send notification when alert-able” and “Remind me after every” settings and started receiving the “When stable”  alert. 

    We’re using ver. 6.25

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