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Does Not Receive Email Alert / Notification

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      I've set SMTP server in mail setting, and it's working fine when I click “Test Settings” button. I would like to know whether the notification is working or not.

      I shutdown MySQL server on purpose then the I saw there is a new event. However there is no new email coming to my “Reply-to email” address. Could you please explain to me what did I miss ?

      Thank You

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      SMTP settings applies to MONyog configuration, on top of this you need to configure each server to receive notifications email.

      Register/Edit server –> Notification settings tab –> You should specify recipient email addresses separated by comma to whom you want to send notification emails in case there are critical alerts. (Refer attached screenshot)

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      MONyog uses SMTP server details from “Tools” –> “Mail Settings” make sure it sends “Test Mail” successfully and then give recipient email-id(s) for a registered server, save it and restart this server, recipient should get an alert mail.

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      Also note that the default setting is not to sent an alert at once. The alert value must be exceed a number of times. You can set this number to “1” if you want to have alerts at once.

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