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Determine What Alerts Get Emailed

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    I just upgraded to MonYog 4.02 from 2.9. I noticed several of the monitors I was being emailed alerts for are no longer doing so. I see some still have the bell so I am receiving alerts, just not for the ones I used to. I've read through most of the help and I see where to add new monitors/advisors, but how can I edit an included one? Mainly I'd like to determine which monitors I'd like to be alerted by and maybe set some thresholds.



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    1) go to monitors/advisors page

    2) select a counter group in the left pane

    3) click a specific counter

    4 in the popup window that next opens click 'customize'

    5) I upper right corner click 'view advanced'

    6) now check/uncheck 'mail alert' option ('radiobutton') as per your preference.

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    Perfect, thank you.

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