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Deployment As Part Of A Base Image

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      Hi there, I was browsing the forums and could not find anything to do with this specifically. I’m hoping someone has a solution


      We provide customised virtual desktops for a small group of team members who require the flexibility of working remotely. The problem that we have is that as it is a floating pool (i.e. users will not always get the same desktop due to availability) the user is prompted to enter the licence key quite often.


      Is there a way that I can install the licence on the base image and have it already registered when the user logs in. The prompt to enter the licence constantly makes for a poor user experience.


      This also means that if we refresh the pool for updates etc. all users will be prompted on next log in for the licence key and have to import their connections.


      I saw the instruction for a “portable” set up but that looks to only fix the connection list issue, not the licence prompt.


      Thanks in advance.

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      Can you please contact support@webyog.com.  We will not discuss registration logic etc. in public.

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      Ok, thanks. I’ll contact support. I guess this kind of information in public could be used to exploit the licencing.

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