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Database Dump And Issue With Timestamp Column Data No Treated As A Str

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      A. I have just checked Heidi, it does what I want. It saves the edit.

      'ashwin' wrote:

      .. We checked with HeidiSQL. Yes, they do allow to edit and save trigger. But..on SAVE they execute these queries(Checked from their query LOG)-

      DROP TRIGGER `customer_create_date`;
      /* 0 rows affected. */
      CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` TRIGGER `customer_create_date` BEFORE INSERT ON `customer` FOR EACH ROW SET NEW.create_date = NOW();

      Now, with SQLyog when you do Execute All these queries are executed-

      DROP TRIGGER /*!50032 IF EXISTS */ `customer_create_date`;
      CREATE ;

      Priority fix, of course!

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      In the current release 10.4, there is most definitely a bug in the database backup. Any column that is a timestamp is not exported as a string – it has no single-quotes around the data, therefore all restores fail.

      This is causing major issues for our backups regime, please can you supply an immediate fix for this asap.

      In the meantime, can you supply a previous version 10.2 or 10.3 so I can continue backups, as this is critical.

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      We have fixed and released v10.41. Refer: http://blog.webyog.com/2012/11/21/sqlyog-mysql-gui-10-41-released/

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      Fantastic, thank you very much for such a quick fix release. 🙂

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