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      Michel Ranger

      I’ve been using the product for years and love it. One thing bugs me however: the lack of a dark theme. I find dark themes so much more comfortable for the eyes that my IDE and all the editors I use are set to use a dark theme. My favorite for PHP Storm for example is Darkula, with some minor personal adjustments. A dark theme is even available for the Chrome dev tools window.

      I work with 4 wide screens so I don’t have to constantly send windows to the background to work on one of them. But one of them I always keep hidden when unused, covered with some other window: SQL-Yog. It’s white and bright and it’s really annoying not to be able to do much about it. There are options to change the colors in the editor and some other areas around it, but database results, table data, the folder structure to the left showing the databases and the tables within them are all annoyingly white.

      Any improvements in this area would be welcome.

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      [email protected]

      Any News about the Darktheme.
      Still no possibility to change the background of “table grid view”?
      Thanks for your effort !

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      This will get you most of the way there

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