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Customize Monitor Alert For Aborted_Connects

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      I'm using the trial version on MONYog and playing around with it on a test server. Because I know that I can cause failed connections, I tried to create a custom alert on “Refused” connections so that it would warn me when it's at 10 and would be critical at 15 failed attempts. It's not doing anything though and the value of aborted_connects is at 18. There's a bell next to it that shows it is email alert is enabled but I have not received any alerts. I know that alerts are working in general because I set one up for the error log and received an email alert from that. What am I doing wrong?

      I've attached an image of what the customized alert looks like.

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      In Notification settings there is an option 'Send notification when alert-able'= 5 (This is default settings and indicates that if a counter stays in alertable state for 5 consecutive data collection then only email notification will be sent, you can change it to 1 to get immediate notification if a counter reaches it's threshold value)

      Let us know if you need any help.

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