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Custom Alert For Seconds Behind Master Per Server

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      I am trying to find information on how to allow three different threshold levels for seconds behind master on three different servers within the same group/network all being monitored by MONyog. I found a doc on defining server specific alert levels but I'm still a bit confused on exactly what to do. Any info would be much appreciated.


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      If you want to have different threshold values for each server, you have to write condition in Critical/Warning section.

      This can be easily done in MONyog :

      Let me explain an example :

      Consider a counter “Seconds behind master”

      For first register server named “TestServer” you want “Critical” value as 1000 and for second register server name “Production” you want “Critical” value as 800.

      How to make this changes in MONyog:

      1) Click on “Seconds behind master” counter

      2) Click on “Customize”

      3) Click on “View Advanced”

      4) Now clear “Critical” field and fill with this function.



      if(MONyog.Connections.ConnectionName == “Testserver”)

      return 1000;

      if(MONyog.Connections.ConnectionName == “Production”)

      return 800;


      5) Now Save the changes.

      In this way you can customize MONyog counter per server basis. ( Please refer screen shot)

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      Magesh Kumar

      Hello Mahesh,


      Thanks for your Input.

      I am trying it to configure for certain set of tags.

      say i have 5 tags for 3 tags i need to set different threshold for CPU uage and other 2 tags needed a seperate threshold.

      Can you please let me know how to set it up.



      Thanks for your help in Advance.



      Magesh Kumar

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      Any luck with this .

      I got a similar problem like mahesh.


      Can it be done for set of tag servers.

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      I figure it out .

      With new versions we can do it by tagging.

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      Could you please share the details for tagging?



      Ans: http://monyogkb.webyog.com/article/108-monyog-object-model

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