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Creating Constraints With Schema Designer (Drag & Drop)

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      AGA Media

      Hi there,

      I´m using SQLyog v. 10.51 and found a different behavior when creating a constraint between two InnoDB tables.

      If calling upon the dialog for releationships/constrains I get *seven* columns to fill in, starting with “constraint name”.

      When I try to create a constraint by drag & drop in Schema designer the similar dialog for r/c starts automatically but with *five* columns only (e.g. without constraint name).

      I used the d&d function a lot in former versions – then it was the same number of columns.

      : Thanks a lot for implementing the filter function for tables – it´s a great support for my work!!!

      All the best,


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      It is an issue with SQLyog. We already have this in our issue tracker here: http://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/issues/detail?id=1774 If you move the horizontal scroll bar in Foreign Keys tab all columns will be visible.



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