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Crash when revoked from hypernate mode

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    Hi there,

    using SQLyog ultimate v12.4.3 (64bit) always crashes when PC ist revoked from hypernate mode, and SLQyog was open before shutting down to hypernate mode on win 8.1 pro 64bit.


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    Sibin A S


    Can you please tell us what do you term as a “crash”. Also, please tell exactly what happened that should have not, and what does not happen that should? Does SQLyog application hang or vanish? If there is a crash in the strict meaning of the word , SQLyog generates a crash dump file that can be found at the location “C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Roaming\SQLyog\” (look for recent files with a .dmp extension. Only files that are not 0-size are relevant. There will always be one such 0-size file).

    If there’s any such file, then please send it to us at “support@webyog.com” and also the SQLyog version which can be found from the menu >> “Help -> About” and also let us know if SQLyog was 32-bit or 64-bit.


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