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Correction Of Korean Translation

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      Thank you for letting me use a good program.


      While I using SQLyog in my native language, I feel something are unsuitable. So I fixed some error for localization.


      1. The word correction


      view: 전망 -> 뷰

      stored procedure: 저장된 과정 -> 저장 프로시저

      function: 기능 -> 함수


      I reffered words in Wikipedia.



      2. Calibration of the shortcuts

      ex) & amp;이름 바꾸기 -> 이름 바꾸기(& amp; R)



      There are still many errors.

      And, I might be wrong or need to discuss, because part of the first attempt to translate.


      I hope my attempt to help the other users.

      Please let me know, if you need to an additional action or data.

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      Thanks! Actually I think this is the first such correcton we had since we introduced CJK translations some years ago, and that has surprised me – because I would not expect it be perfect in first shot.  We really have no option to verify the quality of the translations ourselves for languages we don’t speak/read/write at all. So such feedback is absolutely welcome.


      We will go through it. We will post here if we have any doubts.

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