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Copy Query Sql To Query Builder?

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      Is there a way to get a query, in SQL, into the Query Builder?


      I created a query in the Builder, and from there created a View. Now I want to modify the View, but I’d prefer to use the Builder to change the query in the View.


      This would be similar to MS Access, where you can swap from “Builder” view to SQL view – and back again.

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      There is no way.  This would require a SQL parser inside SQLyog. This would be a huge task as it would have to be written from scratch, since we cannot clone the parser code from the server (for license/legal reasons). 

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      Hi Peter


      Understand what you’re saying.


      Gotta say though, whilst almost every IT pro I know, or have read online, sneers at the mention of MS Access, it’s still KING of RAD. It’s more than 20 years now since Access could parse SQL into it’s QBE!


      Cheers, Max

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