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Copy And Paste Single Row Between Different Tables With Same Structure

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      First of all, me and my team loves SQLYog, it is truly a great software that saves us a lot of time on a daily basis 😀


      Now to my feature request:

      I´m aware of the data syncronization function i SQLYog, which is a nice feature for copying multiple rows between different databases/tables.


      The issue we have is to in a simple and fast matter be able to copy and paste a single row to another table with the exact same structure. The target table usually resides in another database.

      I suggest that you use the current copy to clipboard function and add logic to paste to a new row (or the currently selected row)


      Is this something you plan to add?​



      Best regards,


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      This would be a very useful feature! Perhaps it could be implemented so that the copy feature from the grid output of a query would generate the insert SQL and place it on the clipboard. I suggest that for tables with an auto-increment key, that we have the option of whether or not to include the primary key in the generated SQL.

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      We will look upon this feature. As you would know it cannot be added to soon as we have our targets planned in the coming course of time, but we will discuss it with our development team so as to see if this can be added. 





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      +1 for this feature, it will save me a ton of manual work!

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      Any news on this???

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      Any news on this?


      I need to copy 2 rows from a DEV table to a production table… This sounds like a great way to do it!




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      @Jay – Until the developers take an interest in this feature and put it in place, the Visual Data Compare works nicely. 

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