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Connections Count Disparity

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      I'm currently evaluating MONyog 5.21 and I have a question about how the Connections stat is calculated on the default Dashboard.

      As you can see from the attached screenshot, MONyog is reporting there is around 50 connections per second. However when I do show global status like '%conn%'; I don't see the value of Connections increasing by 50, instead it increments by about the same number as Threads_connected. In my attached example Connections value is 56560714 (Threads_connected = 11), I then ran the show global status command about a second later and I get a value of 56560725 for Connections, which is 11 more. I have repeated this many times and never seen the difference between 2 Connections values be more than 20.

      So how is it that MONyog is reporting approximately 50 connections per second?

      Thanks in advance


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