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Connection Execution History Log as flat file (create/drop/alter) – DDL Solution

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      Hi Guys,

      Given that you guys are already logging all queries (doesn’t appear to be a flat file as far as I can tell), I think it would be really great if you guys could add the option to output queries to a flat file (giving the option to choose which type of queries are saved).

      Namely that MySQL/MariaDB (etc) don’t support any sort of DDL trigger management, which makes change re-visioning an annoying task. If we were to exclusively use SQLyog to conduct table change operations (create/drop/alter commands), we could quickly discern between builds schema changes that have taken place without having to manually account for them.

      While I’m a solo developer, I would think it import to do blind/as needed writes vs a file lock, and allowing for the history file to be chosen (vs say an app data store of some kind) in the connection manager/setting as this would allow for teams to select a network share or cloud based file store so that multiple users could write to said file over time and it keep a master record.

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