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Configuration Lost (undesired Behaviour)

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      I’ve been using this amazing tools for months, maybe even more…

      …and without problem until now.

      But I’ve had two consecutive crashes today, each time I started my laptop from sleep.

      …so I remembered there was a new version and I installed it… GREEEAT mistake.


      I’ve lost all the information I had on the previous version: not just the connections … I’ve lost dozens and dozens of tabs with thousands of scripts/queries…

      Last versions of several of the scripts I had are gone…

      I know I should have a backup,… I had at the very beginning, but for the last months, this it’s been my master copy, my backup, and now it’s gone.


      I updated the version several times in the past and I’ve never lost a thing (that’s why I’ve been over-confident now…).


      so…now I just can try to recover it…

      Is there anyway to recover the configuration? where does the program save it?

      Thank you very much in advance.

      Kind regards

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      I was going to update my backup scripts and include the SQLyog folder (C:UsersxxxxxxAppDataRoamingSQLyog) and I’ve found it was already there… I’ve got a copy on each backup…

      I hope others will be so lucky…

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      We really cannot comment on why the “configuration” was lost in your case. 


      But it is a good idea to include the file C:Users{user}AppDataRoamingSQLyogconnrestore (I think this is the file you refer to as “configuration”) in a routine backup plan (just in case) if you use ‘session restore’ – and in particular if you don’t backup each tab to separate files. 

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