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Colors In Saved Connections Dropdown Are Wrong

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      Colors in the Saved Connections drop down menu in the “Connect to MySQL Host” dialog are all wrong if you type the first letters of the connection after opening the Connection Dialog.


      It appears that what you type in the Saved Connections field is actually a filter for the menu, causing it to display an ever decreasing subset of the full list depending on how many characters you type. The problem is that the color boxes to the left lose synchronization with their original connection definitions. So, for example, what used to be a red box may now be the blue box from another definition. The actual connection when selected is correct and will display the correct background and foreground colors in the object browser panel.


      I should note that our list exceeds the 30 slots provided for in the dropdown box. We actually have defined 60 or so servers with color coding indicating the server classes.


      Mouse navigation without manually typing retains synchronization.


      We are using SQLyog Ultimate – MySQL GUI v12.2.1 (64 bit)

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      I have noticed this also.

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      Sibin A S



      We have added this request into our issue tracker, here >> https://github.com/webyog/sqlyog-community/issues/2106




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