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Can Not Connect – Error Message

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      I use windows 7, I installed Debian virtual machine (virtualbox).
      When I paramettre MySQLyog the software to connect to the database, leaving the default port, access is denied.
      Error No. 2003 Can not connect to MySQL server on ‘virtual (10061).

      I have checked the connection information that is excates.

      for information
      the connection performs perfectly if I use phpMyAdmin (http://virtual/phpmyadmin/)

      A review of or may come with the connection problem MySQLyog?

      thanks for your help

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      Pleae check this FAQ: http://faq.webyog.com/content/23/15/en/error-no-2003-can_t-connect.html


      The difference as compared with phpMyAdmin is that with SQLyog you connect from a remote host, with phpMyAdmin from localhost. So please try HTTP tunnel with SQLyog – refer http://sqlyogkb.webyog.com/article/155-connecting-using-http-tunneling.

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      Ok, thanks for your answer….

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      I’m sorry but I come to you because I still have not found a solution.
      I still do not sign me, I still have the same error message.

      For information, I check the port the file “etc / msyql / my.conf and although this one is the “port = 3306.


      User privilege level in phpmyadmin, I am in “All”.


      In your opinion, if that is not a port problem or privilege problems, hence the problem may be.

      Thank you



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      I think we should continue in private here.


      Please send a mail to @webyog.com">support@webyog.com wiith screenshots of how you have filled the “MySQL” and “HTTP” tabs in SQLyog Connection Manager.  Please refer this Forums post in the mail as well. 

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