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Bug: Sqlyog Crashes After Selecting Csv File For Load Local

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      SQLYog version: SQLYog Community 64-bit v12.02

      OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit

      Error reproduced on 2x Win 8.1 systems



      OS: CentOS 6.5

      RDBMS: Percona Server 5.5


      Procedure to reproduce error:

      1. Click on database name
      2. Expand tables
      3. Filter for table name
      4. Right-click table
      5. Select Import > Import CSV data using LOAD LOCAL
      6. Select file
      7. Select fields
      8. Select delimiters
      9. Click Import *** crashes here ***

      I first tried editing the file to change the delimiter and other characteristics, but this made no difference. Crashes occurred on two similar systems with the same table. We had two CSV files to be imported into the same table with different fields, and both resulted in a crash of SQLyog. Uploading the files by SFTP and performing LOAD DATA INFILE with an absolute file path imported the data correctly.


      One of the dump files from the crashes is attached.

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      Ok .. we will check. But it may be data specific. You write “Error reproduced on 2x Win 8.1 systems“.  But with the same file or not? If it is one specific file can you share it (privately, of course) if we need it? Also it may be reproducible only with specific delimiters.  Can you please attach a screenshot of your settings here? 


      Anyway we will check the dump and update here if we need more details.

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      We can reproduce this – but only when using Community version of SQLyog on Windows 8.1.

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      Sorry I wasn’t following the thread and didn’t realise you’d replied (for which I’m grateful). It is indeed the Community version, and I did try with two delimiters. So it’s a bona fide bug? Nothing I can do?

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      I can think of two workarunds


      1) You may install the 2 week TRIAL,  if you did not have it installed on the system before (you can install to another folder). Then you can also have a check of the SQLog ‘powertools’ of commercial editions.

      2) Execute the LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE statement from the editor. Syntax is here: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/load-data.html (don’t miss that a “” in a Windows file path must be escaped like “C:\data\filename.csv”).




      It looks like the developer team has left for the day. So i am not able to tell a timeframe for the fix.  It may already have een fixed in our code trunk. But I will update status on Monday.

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      It seems to be problem with library we use in SQLyog. We are working on it. However we have found that if you create new connection with same details (hit CTR+N) the problem doesn’t occurs in any connection. 

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      These are non-released builds for you including fix for this crash-

      SQLyog Community 32 bit-http://goo.gl/EpUMtW

      SQLyog Community 64 bit-http://goo.gl/R6D70K


      Please download and provide your feedback. We will include this fix in next public release also. 

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      Thanks – downloading today.

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      We have released SQLyog 12.04 including this fix. Please refer-http://blog.webyog.com/2014/12/23/sqlyog-mysql-gui-12-04-released/

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