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Bug In Database Import Wizard

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    Found a new bug in the Database Import Wizard, when importing Access database. If you look at the error below, it does not enclose the value E-4 in single quotes.

    Can this be fixed as a matter of urgency.

    SQLyog Job Agent v10.42 Copyright(c) Webyog Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Job started at Thu Dec 06 16:35:26 2012

    DBMS Information: ACCESS

    Importing table schema: MnExport... Successful...

    Importing table schema: MnFuels... Successful...

    Importing table schema: MnInstallations... Successful...

    Importing table schema: MnInstallationsYearly... Successful...

    Importing table data: MnExport...

    2194 rows transferred!


    Importing table data: MnFuels...

    ERROR: 1054, Unknown column 'E' in 'field list'


    Sql:REPLACE INTO `chpqa_dukes`.`MnFuels` (`RefNo` ,`SchemeRef` ,`Version` ,`FuelID` ,`Year` ,`ElectricalFuel` ,`HeatFuel` ,`TotalFuel` ,`ElectricalFuelQA` ,`HeatFuelQA` ,`FuelElsewhere` ,`CVNotes` ,`FuelComments` ,`ElectricalFuelold` ,`HeatFuelold` ,`ElectricalPercent` ,`HeatPercent` ,`TFI` ,`ChangeDate`) VALUES (137.0, 'A', -2001.0, 1, 2001, 0.0, 0.0, 1272.182, 690.030555675916, 582.151444324084, E-4, NULL, 'From 2000 fuel data. BW 19/04/02', 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1272.182, '2012-05-01 15:03:43');

    Check C:UsersKevinAppDataRoamingSQLyogsja.log for complete error details.

    ERROR: Import aborted...

    Check C:UsersKevinAppDataRoamingSQLyogsja.log for complete error details.

    Total time taken - 31 sec(s)

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    Can you provide an Access database where this is reproducible? As small as possible as long as reproducible.

    Also please tell: what is the datatype for the column (in both Access and MySQL)? It could be the data type mapping the ODBC drvier does that causes this.

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