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Bind Monyog to loopback device

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      i am migrating monyog from windows to debian 9. I want to bind the monyog service to loopback device only that it is not reachable over standard port. I can’t find a way in the documentation. Is there anything I can do?

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      Sibin A S

      Can you please elaborate more. Please tell have you migrated Monyog from Windows to Debian?

      Also, tell exactly what happened that should have not, and what does not happen that should?

      For migrating Monyog, please verify if you have followed the steps below,

      Install Monyog on the new system and copy the following folders from your old machine to the new machine,

      • Data
      • preferences.config
      • MONyog.ini
      • Counters.def
      • Udo.def

      The above files including the ‘Data’ folder can be found at the location in Windows OS,

      Please note,
      Ensure the MONyog service is stopped on the old machine before taking the backup of the files and also stop the Monyog service in the new machine before importing the backup to avoid conflicts/inconsistency between the files.

      You may also refer the FAQ, here

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      Sorry for my late reply. I haven’t seen my thread after I created it (and I did it twice), so I thougt the forum isn’t working.
      I didn’t migrate monyog from windows to debian with the data inculude. I just did a clean installation on debian 9. I use nginx as suggested to have ssl support.
      What I want is to bind the built in webservice to localhost/ device so it is not accessible over network. I block it by iptables but this can be difficult to debug sometimes.

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      I need to do this as well. Running an unencrypted service listening on all ports is a violation of federal security policy. Just blocking with iptables does not suffice because the service still shows as listening and local scanners see that. This is a very simple feature that every product should have — how do I add bind-address: localhost ?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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