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Better Filter Feature For Data Tab

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      In Table Data tab, when I’m browsing some data, I can add a filter.


      Could you consider adding the following features :


      1- Clicking on the filter icon should give me the possiblity to edit my filter, not always deleting it. Maybe right click to edit and left click to delete…


      2- Adding an option to persist the filter per table. When browsing data, I often jump between 2 tables and the filter is always deleted. Very annoying.



      Thank you

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      Sibin A S
      Hello rguillemette,


      We are not sure how this post was missed, please find the solution to your queries,


            1. The “Filter” icon in the Result window refreshes the existing filter and provides an option to create new filter.


      In your case, once a filter is created, you can use the existing filter to add/modify it by  selecting the corresponding cell in the table data and right click on it and select the “Custom Filter” option from the option-list (“Filter -> Custom Filter”) to retain/use the filter. Please refer the below screenshot for the same






            2. Filter is table specific. Same filter cannot be applied to different tables, Consider the case when the same filter is applied on another table that do not have any common columns, this would result in an error.




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      John Rix

      I think the second request was misinterpreted here – the customer is asking that filters applied to a particular table are remembered for THAT TABLE so that when you return to that table after visiting another, the filter is restored automatically. They were not suggesting that one filter should travel between tables.

      For what it is worth, I think the suggestion is a very good one and I would like to see it implemented myself. This would save me some hassle!

      From a general standpoint, remembering the state of a table when switching between tables would really help with a lot of tasks. Specifically:

      A) What filters are applied, as per above suggestion
      B) Current sort column and direction
      C) Current page of results being viewed (ie. first 1000 rows or latter)
      D) Scroll position or selected row


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      Sibin A S

      Hi John,

      We have added your request to our feature/issue tracker, here. But the priority is yet to be assigned.


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