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Add Option For Spatial Index-type In Manage-index-frontend

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    If i want to add a spatial index, i have to create it via plain sql. It is not possible to create it with frontend via “Manage Indexes”.

    The are only three possible entries for index type: FULLTEXT, PRIMARY and UNIQUE.


    When i choose a column with spatial data (with type ‘geometry’) i need a new entry “SPATIAL” for creating a spatial index.


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    I think then it would not only apply to ‘geometry’ to all datatypes listed here: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/spatial-datatypes.html


    There will need to be some logic, so that the option for creating a spatial index ‘greys out’ for indexes on non-spatial datatypes, so it is a little bit non-trivial to add.


    Also I really don’t know if multi-column spatial indexes aoe possble, so also some reseach is required. This is not somethng we know very much about.

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