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      I'm a licensed user and am currently using MONyog Ultimate 4.0 Beta 1 on a Windows 2008 server. I have read the documentation, but am still have issues adding a new Monitor/Advisor. It's not that I am getting any errors per say, but am having trouble trying to create a new Monitor/Advisor that will check the physical file size of a table in MB. If the size of a certain table has reached a threshold of 100 MB, then I would like to get an email alert.

      I am familiar with JavaScript syntax, but unfamiliar with MONyog Object Model (MOM).

      Can somebody please tell me what values I can enter to create this new Monitor/Advisor?


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      Hi William,

      Firstly, here's a quick little tutorial on the MySQL bit of the MOM:


      — For each of the variable/status returned by MySQL, a Javascript object is created in the MOM

      — So basically you have:


      I don't think there are any global variables/status that keep track of individual table sizes. The 'Disk Info' component is completely separated from 'Monitors/Advisors' and they don't share any information. Maybe we could build a feature which allows you to set alerts for databases/tables in 'Disk Info'. Sound like a good idea?

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      One problem is that the 'table size'  (size of data + indexes) and the 'table size on disk' is not necessarily the same. There may be unused space inside the tablespace (details depends on storage engine).  MySQL data folder may be mounted to another disk system than the system disk (like a RAID system/rack) and even the InnoDB tablespace may be stored a 3rd. place.  You will find other discussions like this here (one user requested an 'alert when a table is full'). 

      It is actually very difficult to provide meaningful alerts. It will also result in one more background thread running (more CPU-load, more I/O).

      So it is important to understand WHY you want this, WHAT you want to achieve and WHAT EXACTLY should be the alert condition.

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      Thanks for taking the time to reply. I do think it would be a great idea to build a feature which allows you to set alerts for databases/tables in 'Disk Info'. Even better, it include the indexes as well.

      I do understand that there is unused space within a database, but by the time the database size has reached the threshold, I would like to be alerted so I can run some purge scripts.

      Since MONyog 4.0 is in Beta, is it possible to include this in the next deploy 4.1?

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      Hey William,

      I'll have get back to you on that one; will have to discuss this with the rest of team as well. I'll keep you updated on that.

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      Hi William,

      We've put your request for a feature on our wish-list. You'll definitely see it in one of the future versions of MONyog; I'll keep you updated on that as well!

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