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      Hi SQLyog Team,


      I have been using SQLyog, since past 2 years., and its pretty good to use as a  SQL GUI Tool.,


      Have been facing Issues like :

      1> When ever a new schema/database is DROPPED., the same old connection does reflects., although even Refreshed. The database still exists


      Then, only solution left out is to re-open the same connection.



      Community Ver. : SQLyog : MySQL GUI v 12.16 (64 bit) for Win.

      OS : Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (using through WINE process)

      DB:  MySQL 5.6  server.,



      Error Code : 1728

      Cannot load from mysql.proc. The table is probably corrupted


      This is probably trying to get the db from proc.

      ATTACHED Screen shots for refrence.

      2> Table level edit needs to be enhanced., like problems encountered when ever we add a record using the edit option on SELECT command output of a table .,

      an extra row is always appended to it.,


      3> SQLyog crashes very often if left it unused the same gets terminated while loading a bit bigger file/table.


      The Inbuild functions such LOAD DATA infile needs to be enhanced for giving multiple directories to browse from for the CSV., to load csv in the structure (or .frm file created as per the need)


      Hope this gets fixed., 





      Bajrang Panigrahi 

      PH: 8792233854



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