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Load Local Infile suddenly no longer working

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      Hi there,
      We’ve been using load local infile for quite some time without any error.
      However, recently, when we run the command from Query Editor we get:

      Error Code: 2000
      Load data local infile forbidden

      Should we right click on the table and load data via Import->Import CSV Data using Load Local..
      It works without fault. I’ve copied the exact query the latter does from history and it doesnt work when being run in the query editor.

      Not seeing anything in the logs. So doesnt even look like its getting to the server
      Using: SQLYog v13.1.5 (64bit)
      Server version: 8.0.4-rc-log
      “Variable_name” “Value”
      “local_infile” “ON”

      Any advice/tips?

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