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Feature Request: Ez Restore

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      I need to sync several tables from production to beta-testing (different server/definer), not once but several times.


      As a rookie, I wasted a lot of time with a very basic dbadmin operation.

      imho this sqlyog improvements could help me and other users as well:


      suggestion 1:

      add “save job” functionality to “database | copy database to different host/database” menu


      suggestion 2:

      add “restore” option to your “database | import” menu


      suggestion 3:

      add useful “restore” info to your help page (I’ve to search into youtube to do a sqlyog restore!)


      suggestion 4:

      modify default file types option to your “database | import | execute sql script | … | (open)”  dialog to “sql – zip – txt”


      suggestion 5:

      add automatic unzip option to your “database | import | execute sql script” menu




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