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Change Column Order In Query Builder?

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    is there an easy way to change the order of the columns in the lower part of the query builder?

    Draging of the column – as I would expect based on the experience from other similar tools – doesnt work.


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    You can sort the columns like this(Quoting from the Help file)-

    Once the tables are dragged into the canvas and the JOINs properly set up start selecting the columns that shall be included with the RESULT of the query. There are three ways to do this:

    Selecting the table and the column in the GRID by using the drop-downs for 'table' and 'column'.

    Dragging a column from the canvas into the GRID. This (data) column will be added before the (GRID) column where you pull it.

    Double-clicking a column of a table in the canvas. The column will be added at the end/right of the GRID.

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    Thanks for the answer. But I was not talking about the ways of ADDING columns to the GRID. That is documented and that is working fine.

    I was talking about MOVING the position ( “left”, “right”) of a column that IS ALREADY IN THE GRID.

    You understand that it is very annoing to delete a column with many settings like sort, group, criteria out of the list just to drag in the column from the CANVAS to the new position + adding the same settings for sort, group, criteria, … again.

    I would expect that feature from SQLyog. Even MS Access can handle that 😉

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    Okay. We have the request in our issue-tracker here: http://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/issues/detail?id=1487

    We will schedule this according to priority.

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    biggrin.png awesome!

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