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Backup Views As Sql Dump

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      I have a MySQL database.

      This database contains a large number of views.

      I export these views with the 'Tools-> Backup Database as SQL Dump'.

      I get the following result.

      DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `view_cart_programme`;

      /*!50001 CREATE TABLE `view_cart_programme`(

      `progname` varchar(100) ,

      `txt` text ,

      `treffpunkt` varchar(100) ,

      `oepnv` varchar(255) ,

      `wertigkeit` tinyint(1) ,

      `oeffnungszeiten` varchar(255) ,

      `personenpreis` varchar(255) ,

      `city_id` varchar(50) ,

      `mwst_satz` varchar(5) ,

      `vk` decimal(19,4) ,

      `dauer` varchar(5) ,

      `company_id` int(4) ,

      `gruppenpreis` enum('1','2') ,

      `zusatzinformation` text ,

      `hinweisDeutsch` text ,

      `hinweisEnglisch` text ,

      `stornofrist` int(2) ,

      `sprache` smallint(5) ,

      `Fa_Id` int(10) ,

      `treffpunktText` varchar(100)


      I see a SQL script to create a table.

      What is wrong?

      Sincerely yours

      Stephan Krauss

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