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    Is there a way to have MONyog resend alerts for certain monitors if they have not been resolved within a certain period of time? Meaning just resend the alert if the monitor is in alertable state for another however-many periods.

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    MONyog sends email alert only if monitor value changes from “stable” to “alert” state. It will not send another email alert until monitor value changes from “alert” to “stable” and again from “stable” to “alert”. 


    We are alerting to make sure that you should pay attention to it and avoid the problem, frequently sending email alert for same monitor also considered as a “SPAM” and you will not pay attention to it. 



    In “Edit server ” –> “Notification settings”  


    * You can see “Send notification when alert-able” by default this value is “5” you can change it to “1” to get immediate notification.

    * Also you can see “Notify when stable” option you should check this option to get “Stable” email notification as well




    Team MONyog

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